October 18th - Manali - Special Update

Apologies to the hundreds, no thousands of readers to my blog that there have been no posts since Delhi on the 14th October.

When we arrived at Amritsar there was no Internet connection at our hotel and we went to the border crossing ceremony that takes place each evening with Pakistan, so I had no chance to get to an Internet cafe. The next night in Mcleodganj, the location of the Dalai Lama's residence in exile from Tibet, the same thing happened.

Last night we arrived in Manali at the Holiday Inn, and even though there was meant to be Internet service, there wasn't! I am now posting this at 6.30am in the morning using the hotel manager's computer. We head for Shimla today and I am assured we have good wi-fi services there. All the posts are done on my computer and ready to download to the site. This evening there should be four days of posting to the blog.

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