September 17th - Please send me your comments

I always like to hear from readers to my blogs, so please send me your comments by clicking onto the comment link at the bottom of each post. The blog has been set up so that I am automatically e-mailed when a reader posts a blog.

I look forward to reading what people think about our great adventure around the Sub-continent.

I've just added a map of India to the title page of the blog. The route is shown in black. As the space on the title page is limited, the small size of the map means you cannot read the names of the towns we are visiting, but hopefully it gives a good idea of the areas of India we are visiting.

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lesliemoss said...

Tim:The big advantage you'll have will be that if any of your devices break down, that when you call for service, the service response will already be in India!Good Luck! Les