Latest News - July 30th

Over the past week I have had the Landcruiser checked over by my co-driver from our Great Tour of China trip in 2004, Chris Cooper, while it was being stored in New York State.

Chris has fitted the new Garmin navigator onto which I will download all the waypoints that John Brown has taken from the route survey. This will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to set up the route on the Garmin. New brake front brake pads have been fitted The car needed a steering geometry check because of uneven wear on the front tyres which occurred whilst driving across the States. We've switched the front tyres to the rear to even up the wear. New bushes have been fitted to the rear anti-roll bar and hopefully the rattle from the offside rear handbrake mechanism has been sorted out.

Last Friday Chris drove the car down from Jim Taylor's garage, where the car has been stored for the past three months, to the US shipping company's warehouse next to Newark International Airport, New Jersey. The car will be shipped to Mumbai, India in the middle of August. The shipping time is about four weeks, giving us plenty of time for any delays, as the start of the Great Tour Of India is not until early October.

Finally, a great a big thank you to Jim and Leejun Taylor for their generosity in allowing me to store the car with them as well as their hospitality to Chris and for letting us to use their magnificent garage facilities to prepare the car.

I'll start posting to this site on a regular basis in September and on a daily basis once we leave the UK for India on October 3rd.

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